7 Common Green Cleaning Ingredients You Can Use Today

Our planet is not headed toward a very radiant future, and we all must be well aware of that. Therefore, we must try our best to keep our lifestyle green, including using green cleaning ingredients.

Not only will using green cleaning ingredients help the planet, but it will also be good for the environment of your home, plus you will likely save some money.

There are tons of green cleaning benefits!

Toxic chemicals such as chlorine bleach, PERC, Formaldehyde, and more chemicals that are commonly found in our home cleaning products are disasterous for the environment.

So, you can follow a better, greener lifestyle; we will be listing down 7 common green cleaning ingredients you can use today!

7 Common Green Cleaning Ingredients You Can Use Today

For this list, we will be listing down 7 common green cleaning ingredients that are safe to use in your homes and do not cause any adverse effects on our planet.

We bet you will be able to find most of these ingredients around your house if you take a good look, so let’s go. Start green cleaning today!

1. White Vinegar

white vinegar

The staple ingredient in most green cleaning products!

If you open your pantry, you will probably find a bottle of white vinegar right in front of your eyes, but you have little idea of how much this liquid can do!

White vinegar, also known as acetic acid, is beneficial in cutting down grease, so it is often used in natural kitchen cleaning products. Additionally, it is excellent for removing stains, foul odors, and wax build-up.

A must for your non-toxic, natural cleaning repertoire. White vinegar is in many green cleaning recipes, so load up your spray bottle and get cleaning.

Be careful not to touch your eyes while dealing with white vinegar; since it is an acid, your eyes may burn, and your eyesight may get damaged.

2. Baking Soda

baking soda

Baking soda is one of the most popular green cleaning ingredients, and you probably have seen some cleaning hack videos that must have had baking soda.

Moreover, this ingredient has been used for decades, if not centuries, as an essential ingredient for household cleaning.

The hype around baking soda is entirely justifiable since it is beneficial for cleaning water, and when paired up with any acid, it works exceptionally well.

3. Soap


You might not have seen this one coming because you probably think all soaps are loaded with chemicals, but we are talking about unscented soaps that are free of petroleum distillates for this list.

Soaps without fragrances and chemicals are biodegradable, and the best thing about them is that they are probably the most versatile cleaning ingredient on this list and eco-friendly too.

More or less, anything can be cleaned with soap and a soft cloth. You can use it to wash your clothes, clean your tables, and wash your hands. If you are unfamiliar with any of these green soaps, you should look closely at Castile soap.

They are simply amazing and will be great for all purposes. Also, you may use soap in any form: bars, liquid, flakes, etc.

4. Lemon and Lime Juice

lemon and lime juice

You must know that lemon juice or lime juice is probably your kitchen’s most potent natural acid. They are excellent natural cleaners too. This is why these juices are one of the most effective liquids you can find to clean out your home.

Since the pH level of lemon and lime juices is so low, they are great for killing any household bacteria you probably have.

Since they are so acidic, you will find many uses for them while cleaning your kitchen. Finally, just like white vinegar, you have to be careful not to put your fingers around your eyes when you have a lot of lemon or lime juice on your hands!

5. Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil

olive oil

Vegetable oil and Olive oil are some of the essential ingredients for cooking, and most people have at least one in their house.

However, most people do not know these oils can also be used as cleaning ingredients! That is right; you can use both vegetable and olive oil to keep your house shiny.

The most common use of these natural oils is in wood polishes. Remember that you cannot just rub some olive or vegetable oil on your furniture; they must be used with a few other ingredients to create a suitable green wood polish.

6. Cornstarch


When making gravies and curries, you have probably used cornstarch as a thickening agent, but it is improbable that you have thought about using it to clean your house!

Surprisingly enough, cornstarch is a fantastic ingredient to include in natural and safe homemade products for cleaning windows and glass tabletops.

It can also be used with other ingredients, including vegetable or olive oil, to serve as a decent furniture polish. Furthermore, you will be surprised to hear that cornstarch can also be used as a shampoo for rugs and carpets.

They do an excellent job at removing grease stains and restoring the beauty of your carpets and rugs.

7. Alcohol

Alcohol green cleaning ingredient

Alcohol is a natural ingredient and is also found in almost all the cleaning products on the market. However, if you are wondering, that doesn’t make it worse for the environment or unsafe to use for cleaning.

You can put it in several natural homemade cleaning products because it is a fantastic disinfectant.

You may use different forms of ethanol in your all-purpose cleaners and as regular disinfectants. Additionally, you can use vodka as a great odor remover if you have any strong foul smells in your house.

Remember to keep flame away from your products that contain alcohol since it is highly flammable.

Final Words

Scientific studies show that because of the toxic chemicals we are using today, the world’s future is dimmer.

So, we are responsible for trying our best to keep our planet safe.

The 7 common green cleaning ingredients that you can use today from our list should be an excellent start for moving towards an eco-friendly cleaning lifestyle.

I wanted to mention essential oils in this list, but I held off simply because they can cause skin irritation more than the other natural cleaning ingredients on this page. I’ve found that tea tree oil, while an excellent cleaner, can cause mini-burns on your skin.

You can use these natural ingredients in your household cleaners today!

Good luck!