Zero Waste Apartment Living – Your Journey to An Eco World

The world is evolving to become more conscious of the environment and maintain a sustainable environment.

Everyone is beginning to go zero-waste with the environment and their offices and apartments, which is excellent!

The benefits of a zero-waste environment on your physical, mental, and psychological well-being and the economy of our planet are massive.

Not everyone is familiar with how to embark on their zero-waste journey, and if you are about going zero waste in your room, this article will give you some tips on going eco-friendly in your room.

Before we get into that, let’s first look at some advantages of implementing changes in your apartment to drive towards living in a zero-waste apartment.

Going Zero-Waste In Your Apartment – Some Benefits

Zero Waste Apartment Living

Improved Physical Wellbeing

One of the changes you will have to implement in your home is what you purchase to cook and eat in your home.

Moving from eating packaged foods to purchasing fruits and vegetables and eating healthy means you do not have to worry about packaging products such as plastic which you cannot recycle.

This, however, also means that you get to shop healthy and eat healthy foods that will improve your physical well-being.

Reduced cost of living

cost down on wooden blocks

Going on a zero-waste journey requires a conscious effort, meaning you must consider every purchase before making it carefully.

This means you must end emotional, impulsive buying and first think about zero-waste before purchasing any product.

Eventually, you begin to think more of conservation and reuse of products which will help you save massive amounts of money that you would have otherwise spent on purchasing new items.

Less Toxicity

Exposure to toxic chemicals harms your health and increases the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in the long term.

Utilizing organic products in your apartment reduces the risk of having health-related issues, both short- and long-term health-related issues, from using toxic chemicals and materials.

Thus, ensuring you live a happier and healthier lifestyle in a less toxic and more sustainable community.

Purchasing more durable and sustainable products

Creating a zero-waste apartment means that you have to purchase sustainable products. These products are, in turn, not just sustainable but also durable.

This means getting products that are not “one-use” but can instead be reused, which means they are durable and high quality.

6 Zero Waste Tips If You Are Living in An Apartment


1. Conserve energy

Saving energy in your room is one of the ways to ensure you live in a zero-waste apartment. You can utilize eco-friendly, cost-effective, and energy-efficient light bulbs instead of halogen bulbs.

LEDs are an excellent example of an energy-saving bulb you can use in your apartment. They also have a long lifespan and save you money.

Another method of conserving energy is always to ensure that all your lights are switched off when not in use. Encourage more natural lighting than using bulbs in your apartment.

The appliances you use in your apartment also utilize a lot of energy, and ensuring that you use energy-efficient appliances is also a way to conserve energy.

Before purchasing appliances such as air conditioners and fridges, knowing their energy ratings would help to save energy and reduce energy costs.

2. Utilize sustainable materials for furnishings in your apartment

Sustainable materials are an excellent method of going zero-waste. Materials such as organic cotton, wool, seagrass, glass, stone, and marble are sustainable and better options to be used for furnishing your apartment.

For example, synthetic floor coverings like carpets tend to give off dangerous chemicals, which, although odorless, can harm you as they can affect your respiratory system.

Replacing them with rugs made from natural materials like cotton and wool makes your apartment a zero-waste room and easier to wash and clean.

3. Purchase zero-waste and sustainable products

Manufacturers have begun taking intentional steps in their manufacturing process and producing eco-friendly products through eco-friendly methods.

Many organic and green products are sustainable, can be recycled, and are available in the market.

Some of these include;

  • Ecofriendly toilet paper

Manufacturers have created eco-friendly toilet paper made from bamboo, which can be used in apartments.

  • Zero-waste dish soap bars

Rather than purchase the usual plastic bottles of detergent, there are zero-waste dish soap bars that require less energy in their manufacturing process and are quality.

4. Adopt the reuse, reduce and recycle lifestyle

hands with materials to recycle

The reuse, reduce and recycle lifestyle aims to ensure a sustainable and eco-friendly apartment.

Items such as reusable tote bags and water bottles you can reuse should be purchased. Reducing consumption and recycling materials at recycling centers or facilities is the ideal lifestyle to maintain on this zero-waste journey.

5. Put some plants in your apartment

Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, creating a symbiotic environment in your apartment that is healthy for you.

Add them to your well-ventilated room, and you will have an eco-friendly apartment with fresh air and good air quality.

Plants also absorb harmful chemicals and utilize them before giving off harmless byproducts that you can breathe in.

6. Compost food waste in a compost bin

indoor compost bin

Food waste is one of the sources of environmental pollution, with food scraps getting trapped in a landfill without air, releasing methane into the environment.

Composting is a way to avoid pollution and landfills. It speeds up the decomposition process by creating a natural environment for microorganisms to feed on food scraps and decompose into soil-enriching materials.

The journey to a better world starts with creating and maintaining a zero-waste apartment. With the immense benefits of living in a zero-waste environment, the onus is on you to begin your zero-waste journey and ensure you live a healthy, happy, and sustainable lifestyle.

Composting isn’t only an option for zero-waste gardening, it can also be completed indoors!


Zero-waste living is a mindset that involves several changes. Even in an apartment, it shouldn’t stop you from driving toward your zero-waste goals.

Follow the tips on this page, and you will naturally become more eco-friendly!

Good luck.