6 Zero Waste Bathroom Products You Should Swap To

There’s no harm in wanting to be clean, but you are harming the planet when you refuse to do so in an eco-friendly manner.

Most people are complicit in this way, and our bill is bound to come due if we don’t ditch the harmful chemicals and plastic bottles for a zero-waste bathroom lifestyle.

If you’re still wondering what we mean by a zero-waste bathroom, then you haven’t been paying attention to the trends around you.

The world is trending toward sustainable, environmentally conscious living.

Unfortunately, people can’t rush into the movement without risking being overwhelmed. So, they are easing their way into a zero-waste journey and a general planet-friendly existence.

Some start transforming their house cleaning approach, but we recommend considering zero-waste bathroom products as an equally great place to start.

Here are tips to help you transition to a zero-waste bathroom routine, along with our 6 favorite zero-waste bathroom products you can use.

Tips for a Sustainable Zero Waste Bathroom

zero waste bathroom
  1. Get rid of the single-use plastic bottles and plastic containers
  2. Reuse existing Plastic-free eco-friendly containers where possible
  3. Stick to buying only what you need
  4. When you need something, research the zero-waste alternatives first
  5. Consider natural products
  6. Don’t be overwhelmed

The last tip is crucial because doing the right thing can be a tricky line of action. However, you owe it to the planet to keep moving.

We understand that some people might need help, and we strive to provide it.

Keep reading to learn about brands and products that could reshape your life and positively impact the environment.

Bathroom Products and Brands to Consider On Your Zero Waste Journey

When discussing bathroom products, we do not simply mean your shampoo and sponges.

Instead, our definition of bathroom products covers everything used within the space, from oral care products to the substances used to clean the bathroom itself.

So, based on this definition, we are providing zero waste alternatives for every product category you might need to begin your waste journey and transform your life.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

bamboo toothbrush

Dental experts recommend that people change toothbrushes every few months. For example, using conventional plastic toothbrushes generates a lot of plastic waste by following the doctor’s orders.

We don’t mean to mess with your oral hygiene, but your plastic toothbrushes are not hygienic for the planet.

They increase plastic waste and prevent you from going plastic-free. And no, toothbrushes made from recycled plastic cannot solve the problem, not when you have an eco-friendly alternative.

These alternative toothbrushes are plastic-free, made from bamboo, and are available in adult and children sizes for the entire family. There are also aluminum-handled brushes if bamboo isn’t your style.

Zero Waste Toothpaste

Unpopular opinion: All your brands of toothpaste are not so different. So, don’t be scared of making a move to a zero-waste bathroom toothpaste.

Conventional toothpaste comes in plastic tubes, leading to tons of plastic waste as you run through them. Unfortunately, this is also a more difficult zero-waste bathroom swap because of the shortage of sustainable options available to people.

Regardless, if you want to make the change, there’s Unpaste to consider.

With Unpaste, your gluten-free, fluoride-free paste comes in the form of a tablet with significantly reduced plastic packaging. An alternative brand product is Minty Vanilla Chewpaste.

Bidet Attachments

Not everybody is comfortable with the feeling a bidet sometimes induces. At the same time, it does its thing, but the discomfort is worth considering the number of virgin trees and other resources that go into making conventional toilet paper every year.

Tushy offers Bidet attachments with which you can fit your toilet seat, along with pressure control features.

However, suppose you can’t imagine a bidet cleaning you up. In that case, the company has more conventional bamboo toilet paper as an alternative to regular toilet paper.

The bamboo zero waste toilet paper alternative is friendlier to the environment and is available on a subscription basis.

But if you want to go zero waste, honestly, any zero waste toilet paper (even bamboo toilet paper) would still constitute quite the pile at the end of the day.

The last toilet paper alternative is a washcloth, but they are less hygienic and too gross for most people.

So you have three options to save the trees with, but the bidet is the most hygienic of these zero waste bathroom swaps, and Tushy is the provider of some of the best.

Sustainable Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

No one says you shouldn’t use shampoos and conditioners, but you do know they don’t have to be liquid or come in plastic bottles to be effective.

Your shampoo and conditioner could also come in bars packaged with paper wrapping. That is a more sustainable design, but if you still prefer conventional-looking liquid shampoo, it might be time to consider a sustainable brand with refill options.

Even if the latter uses plastic packaging (instead of the eco-friendlier aluminum bottles), you can rest assured that you wouldn’t need to throw out the packaging every time your shampoo finishes.

Both options would still leave your future purchases plastic-free, and you can apply the same logic when selecting a body wash, zero waste soap, and zero waste toilet and bathroom cleaning solutions.

Zero Waste Safety Razor

zero waste razor

Safety Razors have been around before; back when disposable razors were not widely made from plastic.

However, growing plastic in landfill waste has necessitated their return. With these razors, you can keep one razor head and swap out your blades when they are blunt.

Though swapping blades still constitutes waste, your waste profile is better long-term, and metal blades are recyclable.

All in all, a safety razor is an easy plastic-free addition to make to your zero-waste bathroom.

Zero Waste Makeup and Cosmetics

The makeup industry has been transformed by the increased adoption of natural and organic ingredients and the ongoing abandonment of harmful chemicals.

This is important because you are probably washing this stuff down the drains one way or another. But the sustainability of the brands facilitating the changes should be just as important.

No more plastic tubes, jars, and palettes if you can manage it.

However, we understand how hard this would be in today’s market, so going organic is enough progress in your zero waste journey.

Other Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps and Adjustments

zero waste bathroom products
  1. Bulk purchases on zero waste cleaning products
  2. Zero waste band-aids
  3. Using glass containers
  4. Zero waste deodorants, etc.


Try as you might, the current market for bathroom products makes it challenging to have the perfect zero-waste bathroom.

But not impossible!

As a result, rather than striving for perfection on your zero waste journey, a more realistic goal is to progress with every decision you make or zero waste bathroom products you purchase. That includes buying sustainable gifts for your loved ones too.

In other words, normalize not doing too much to get the perfect shampoo, body wash, or zero-waste cleaning products.

Instead, start by going plastic-free, and work within your budget to eliminate bathroom products you don’t need while buying the best alternatives for those you need.